5 Video Lessons to Designing Amazing Fashion Collections

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Here's what you'll learn:

LESSON 1 . TARGET MARKET . Narrow down and understand the target buyers you're designing for

LESSON 2 . INSPIRATION . In a world of unlimited images, find trends and inspiration to design a great collection

LESSON 3 . COLORS & FABRIC . Select colors and fabrics that represent your inspiration

LESSON 4 . DESIGN . Design with your audience, inspiration, colors, and fabrics in mind

LESSON 5 . FINALIZE . Wrap up your ideas for a cohesive beautiful collection

and this is everything that's Included in the Course!

- 5 Video Lessons to Designing Amazing Fashion Collections

- 5 female croqui templates to download, print and practice with (+1 male template & 1 kids template)

- Downloadable PDF on "4 Lessons to Find Your Design Style"

- 1 month FREE Access to the VK Business and Fashion Network, where you receive input on your work and answers to your questions

If you have any questions, email [email protected]

Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

Your Instructor

Angelica  aka Velvet Kat
Angelica aka Velvet Kat

Hei there!

My name is Angelica, aka Velvet Kat, and I'm the founder of the Fashion Academy & Network. I created the Fashion Academy to bring out the creative and success potential of aspiring fashion designers-like you! By partnering with my colleagues and inspirational leaders in the fashion industry to create interactive finely detailed content, we'll be leading our students from beginners to professionals in their careers of choice. Classes will cover topics like costume, textiles, design from ideation to manufacturing, marketing, and business. Everything and more that isn't taught in art schools. An Academy available worldwide, across devices, with lifetime access for students, and tons of real-world resources and guidance throughout.

My ultimate mission is to beat the system of nationwide college debt and broken dreams.

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I've been an artist since I was a 5 and fell in love with fashion when I was 13. Today, I look back at my teenage style experimentation with horror (eek!), but even though I'll never loose my eccentricity, my fashion sense and design skills are refined to be uniquely me. I've been teaching illustration for the past 5 years through small group workshops and private tutoring, started selling my art on Etsy in November 2016, and recently started teaching my 5 Month Fashion Program in LA. These experiences have been amazing and I can't wait to teach you too!

So let's get to designing!

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