LIVE Paper Fashion Illustration Online Course

Learn proportions, using color, drawing faces, design your own collections, and more!

Hurry and Sign Up! Only 3 openings per class

Are you attracted to fashions colors, textures, stories, and designers and want to design your own collections or paint fashion portraits for family/friends? .... but don't know how to draw?

Or are you already in the fashion industry and need to learn illustration?

Don't put off your training any longer, and book your spot to start drawing professional illustrations within the first day!

What to Expect

Join a class of up to only 3 students - for individual attention! You will meet with me, your instructor, for 2-hour Sessions through Skype on your selected weekday listed below. Each lesson comes with an assignment to practice after our call, that you'll upload through a private Google Drive folder for a video critique from me. You'll also be able to ask questions in the comments section of each lesson and interact with the other students.

For this fashion illustration course, you will need a webcam or your phone camera, and a Skype account for the video calls. You'll also see a list of supplies in the first page of the course.

These lessons are perfect to get you started with illustration if you've never drawn before or want to improve your drawings from hobbyist to professional.

- You can also check out a 1-hr Test Run with the instructor for $29 by clicking here! -


What You'll Learn

  • LESSON 1: The front, back, side, and angle poses, along with face, hair, hands, and feet. Including light and shadows
  • LESSON 2: Color theory, Color gradients, skin tones, and face makeup with paint. We can discuss using markers too
  • LESSON 3: Prints and fabric textures, and incorporating accessories
  • LESSON 4: Trend research, Concept development, and Target market illustration
  • LESSON 5: Male illustrations, Collection design, and developing your personal style

Class Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Your Instructor

Angelica  aka Velvet Kat
Angelica aka Velvet Kat

Hei there!

My name is Angelica, and I'm the founder of the Fashion Academy & Network. I created the Fashion Academy to bring out the creative and success potential of aspiring fashion designers-like you! By partnering with 7 of my colleagues and inspirational leaders to create interactive finely detailed content, we'll be leading our students from beginners to professionals in their careers of choice. Classes will cover topics like costume, textiles, design from ideation to manufacturing, marketing, and business. Everything and more than is taught in art schools. An Academy available worldwide, across devices, with lifetime access for students, and tons of real-world resources and guidance throughtout.

My ultimate mission is to beat the system of college debt and broken dreams.

While we work hard to build the Academy, I wanted to start accepting students interested in learning fashion illustration, because that's my expertise.

I've been an artist since I was a 5 and fell in love with fashion when I was 13. Today, I look back at my teenage style experimentation with horror (eek!), but even though I'll never loose my eccentricity, my fashion sense and design skills are refined. I've been teaching illustration for the past 5 years through small group workshops and private tutoring, and I started selling my art on Etsy in November 2016. These experiences have been amazing and I can't wait to teach you too!

So let's get to designing!

DIY & Illustrators Club Facebook Group Access for 2 months https://www.facebook.com/groups/130977267522958/

Here you'll get to share your work, interact with other fashionistas, and get advice or input from me on any questions you might have

You will also get to join in my Monthly Illustration LIVEstreams, where I teach things like couture illustration, drawing faces, digital illustration, and any requests from group members!

Once your 2 months end, you'll receive an email asking if you'd like to stay in the club at $9/month or Upgrade to our Mentorship Program at $35/month. If you stay, you'll gain access to even more content!

Mini Course with 5 Video Lessons to Designing Amazing Fashion Collections

These lessons go more in depth of what you'll be taught during the fashion illustration course, and you can refer to them during the course to start building your portfolio.

4 Steps to Finding Your Style as a Designer PDF Instant Download

Lifetime Access

No need to worry about forgetting anything, because each one of our sessions will be recorded, so that you get to see and keep the recording(s) in your private Google Drive folder. Yours for life!

ENROLL NOW before classes are full!


"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another" -John Dewey

Start YOUR journey NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
You'll get to keep all the lessons recordings and access your Fashion Academy account for LIFE! If you'd like to continue receiving help, guidance, and critiques about your work after our time together ends, you'll be receiving that through the Fashion Academy & Network Mentorship Program :)
What difficulty level is the course?
This course is for beginners that want to enter the fashion world through potential design careers, or for beginners in drawing that are already in the fashion industry.
How am I going to fit this into my busy schedule?
Just like you would treat a college class seriously, it's important to make room for this class in your calendar. You'll have a whole week to work on each assignment. Great time to really express your personality in your work without pressure! If for any reason, you miss a lesson, remember that they're all recorded and you get to keep them for life. You can also take advantage of the FREE month in our Fashion Academy & Network Mentorship Program to show your work after the class is over and ask any more questions you might have.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you're unsatisfied with the course after working on the 1st week assignment and talking to me about what you feel is missing, but there is nothing I can do to satisfy your requests by the 2nd week, Ill give you a full refund. Just make sure to talk to me before the 2nd lesson week. Once the 2nd week is over, there are NO refunds-NO exceptions.
What if I love the lessons, but something comes up that I have to leave?
In this situation, I have a couple options for you :) OPTION 1: You can choose to keep your account active and come back in the future, joining another group from the beginning. OPTION 2: You can request a partial refund, which will be calculated based on the number of lessons you already completed.
Where can I ask more questions?
You can send in your questions through my Facebook page Fashion Academy Network or Email me to [email protected]

Get started now!