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Sewing Techniques from Beginner to Couture

Learn the basics of sewing, improve your skills, and practice advanced couture crafts.

What you get from being a Fashion Academy & Network student:

  • Learn topics including but not limited to: fashion illustration, bringing your designs to life from Ideation to Finished garments, production procedures, costume design, fashion history, social media marketing, sales strategies, launching a business successfully, etc and anything else YOU need help with.
  • Not only learn to be an artist, but also a confident business person with inspiring leadership skills. We can help you bring out the leader from within!
  • Access to special LIVE Q&A sessions with your instructors and other industry professionals, so you can ask questions directly to the experts.
  • Learn to spot trends and stay updated on fashion industry news.
  • Comment and ask questions, download guides and industry forms, test your knowledge with our quizzes, and upload your own work to get critiqued.
  • Networking and collaborative opportunities in a world-wide supportive community of fashion lovers, from beginners to industry professionals. Avoid costly missteps by learning from others experiences.

What makes this academy unique is:

Learning online at your own pace, so you can log in anywhere anytime and watch the courses as many times as you need.

We will guide you from point A to point B, not just to learn the skills necessary for your dream career, but also apply them. Any questions you have, we are there for you. Why? Because we understand how hard it is to find mentors and how expensive college can be.

First time Full Membership Monthly Plan students get this essential FREE book as a gift!

The Fashion Careers Guidebook by Julia Yates

First time Annual Plan students get the FREE book above, plus:

The Art of Couture Sewing by Zoya Nudelman


Your Instructor

Angelica  aka Velvet Kat
Angelica aka Velvet Kat

Hei there!

My name is Angelica, and I'm the founder of the Fashion Academy & Network. I created the Fashion Academy to bring out the creative and success potential of aspiring fashion designers-like you! By partnering with 7 of my colleagues and inspirational leaders to create interactive finely detailed content, we'll be leading our students from beginners to professionals in their careers of choice. Classes will cover topics like costume, textiles, design from ideation to manufacturing, marketing, and business. Everything and more than is taught in art schools. An Academy available worldwide, across devices, with lifetime access for students, and tons of real-world resources and guidance throughtout.

My ultimate mission is to beat the system of college debt and broken dreams.

While we work hard to build the Academy, I wanted to start accepting students interested in learning fashion illustration, because that's my expertise.

I've been an artist since I was a 5 and fell in love with fashion when I was 13. Today, I look back at my teenage style experimentation with horror (eek!), but even though I'll never loose my eccentricity, my fashion sense and design skills are refined. I've been teaching illustration for the past 5 years through small group workshops and private tutoring, and I started selling my art on Etsy in November 2016. These experiences have been amazing and I can't wait to teach you too!

So let's get to designing!


In this course, you will learn:

  • Supplies and equipment needed for draping and sewing
  • Body types and sizes
  • An introduction to draping
  • An introduction to sewing
  • Draping dresses, tops, bottoms, etc for wovens and knits
  • Stitches and sewing basics
  • Sewing knits
  • Sewing facings and interfacings, linings, hems, and closures
  • Fabric manipulation and advanced draping and sewing techniques
  • Embroidery and embellishments
  • The secrets of tailoring
  • Fast fashion vs. High fashion sewing
  • Corsetmaking, swimwear, lingerie, childrenswear, and menswear

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course, so YOU decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
The Fashion Academy and Network has 3 years worth of knowledge that you would learn at traditional colleges, but laid out into organized and digestible 3-10 minute videos with a variety of resources to aid your learning.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! Once the Academy opens, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, let us know what it is that we're missing within the first 30 days after November 2nd. If there is nothing we can do to satisfy your requests, we will give you a refund (excluding the cost of books-you get to keep them!).
Is the course mobile and tablet friendly?

Absolutely! The Academy is fully responsive on any devices you own.

What difficulty level is the course?

Each course is being developed for people in a variety of skill levels, from little or no experience to advanced and well-versed individuals. The content is split up in a way so that the introductory content can be easily skipped if needed.

What if I don't see the content I'm looking for on the site?

We're listening and always updating. Just let us know and we'll have it up for future lessons!

I REALLY REALLY want to attend the Academy, but can't afford it right now. Can we work something out?

We most certainly can! Just shoot us an email to [email protected], and we'll set up a payment plan. Once you've paid for your desired bundle or course in full, you'll be enrolled in the Academy. If within the first 30 days of being enrolled, you are unhappy and there is nothing we can do for you, we can always refund you (except for the cost of books, which you get to keep!).

This course is not open for enrollment.